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What Does Your Future Look Like?

I hired a coach 2011. I did it on a whim, and it turned out to be a very impactful decision. My coach sat in Toronto, Canada. I met with him weekly on the telephone. I didn’t need him in the room to get the coaching. In fact, I sometimes think that having the coach in the room could be distracting. I had no idea what he looked like. I just knew his voice.

One of the tools we used is called the Wheel of Life. It covers several areas of our lives and we give a score according to our satisfaction with that area, with 10 being the highest and 0 the lowest. These areas were spokes on a wheel, and the 0 was the center of the wheel, with 10 being the outer rim. When we were complete, we would draw a line from score to score. Obviously, we weren’t 10’s on everything, so our circle became lopsided—the wheel was no longer round. That gave us insight on areas we may be coached in to help our wheel smooth out and roll.

One day after a coaching session, I sat down and wrote what a score of 10 would look like in my life. I discovered this document the other day. Here is my list and  what my life looks like six years later.

Physical Environment
00House6 years ago – My physical environment will look similar to what it is today. It will be comfortable as my current home is. My hope and dream is to live by water–pond, lake, river, ocean–don’t really care. I want my living environment to be calm and peaceful, full of joy and laughter.
Today – When I wrote this I had no idea where I would be living just two years later. My home today is bigger than the home I had then, but it is equally comfortable—and it is on water—I have a small lake in the back yard and an in-ground swimming pool. I live in the country in a neighborhood where the properties are large and wooded. It is calm and peaceful here. Our large home is perfectly designed for us to entertain folks. We have had many gatherings, inviting friends and family to enjoy each other and the peaceful atmosphere of our place. This home is full of joy and laughter.

6 years ago – My spiritual life will have me continually in my “God Spot” where I know how much I am loved and cherished by the creator of the universe, and nothing or no one can harm me. I may go in and out of the “cave” but it will be for learning and reflecting.
Today – The term “God Spot” is a term I made up in one of my coaching sessions when I tried to describe my best place to be—knowing even in my hardest challenges, if I remained in my “God Spot” I would remember in spite of these challenges, that God loved me unconditionally, and nothing could harm me. The “cave” reference is when I am questioning so I may not feel the warmth of the “God Spot”, but sometimes I need to be in a quiet place to reflect and learn. This is still big in my life today.

00LearningPersonal Growth
6 years ago – I want to be a life-long learner. I want to continue learning more to expand my personal horizons, and to continue my ability to affect and impact others.
Today – Just because I am older and retired, doesn’t mean I cannot learn. I am a horrible student in the fact I don’t like homework. I am a creative sort, so I love learning with my style. Since that was written, I have made quilts, continue to write so I get better at it. I have traveled a lot and seen many places and learned a lot of history behind them.

Significant Others/Romance
6 years ago – Once I figure this all out, I think I would like to be in a loving and fun committed relationship. The ideal is to find that special someone who I spend the rest of my life with, but I am open to a strong significant relationship without marriage.
Today – I don’t know why this is such a surprise to me. I was really hoping for a strong significant relationship, but what I got was that special person with whom I get to spend the rest of my life.  I, in a million years, didn’t think that was really a possibility. I had to put myself out there to date, It was frustrating and challenging, but it did happen, and I am extremely grateful for my wonderful husband of 4 years.

Friends and Family
6 years ago – I will have a balance when it comes to friends and family. It will be relationships that I can rely on for help and support, both ways. No one sided friendships and relationships.
Today – I have had many one-sided relationships in the past. You know those where you have to make all the initiatives to have the friend—you do the phone calling, you make the plans, you are there in their needs, but they don’t do any of these things for you. It is never a perfect 50/50 balance, but I have relationships with those who can also give and take, not just take.

00BeforeAfter6 years ago – I will be physically fit, no trouble moving or getting up and down, and continue to be medication-free. My nutrition and exercise and fitness will all be very positive.
Today – I was surprised when I saw this one six years later. I am still medication free, with the exception of trying to get rid of dry eyes. I have no health issues, but in the past my nutrition, exercise and fitness were on and off, but mostly non-existent. That really changed over a year ago. I lost 60 lbs, and started moving. My goal is 10,000 active steps. Almost daily I walk my neighborhood of 3 miles. I do this regardless of the weather. I have done this in almost 100 degree weather, and I have done it in freezing weather. I hydrate well before going out, and fortunately, in the summer, I walk into the front door and out of the back door directly into the swimming pool. I am not a great swimmer, but I swim a few laps anyway. My new love is my Apple watch, which is water resistant, so it counts my lap swimming (a great motivation for me)! My nutrition has also changed. I share meals with my husband at restaurants, and I make the “bad stuff’ on rare occasions if we are having guests. The leftovers either go home with them, or into the freezer for the next set of guests. I don’t feel deprived that way, but I don’t let that food linger in the house calling my name!

money6 years ago – if my retirement could feel as good financially as I am now, that would be a big ten. It should not take the same salary as I now have. I do not want to worry if I will have enough money to do the things I enjoy doing, and to be debt free.
Today – Money was a real issue when I was a single mom. I had none! By the time I retired, I was earning an excellent paycheck, but the fear of retiring with no paycheck was scary. A couple years before I retired, I put aside a fair portion of my income to see if I could live on less. I realized that I could do so comfortably. I do not get into debt, and I have enjoyed life. Yes, being married has helped this, but I did prepare to do it alone if I had to.

6 years ago – This is the hard one for me. What is a ten? I don’t really know. I am thinking its being a consultant. Inspiring others to greatness. Don’t know where, don’t know how.
Today – I had no plan to retire when I wrote this. I was in a job I loved, but working for a new boss I didn’t love. I knew he didn’t like me from the day he took the role, and I knew I needed to move on. So, the job ended for me at the time I met my husband. I continued looking for a new position, but it just wasn’t happening. My relationship with my future husband was growing. I am now married to him and retired. That has not changed my desire to inspire others to greatness. I work as a Human Resources Consultant and a Life Coach on occasion. I also write this blog. Hopefully, they are all ways to inspire others to be more than they think they can be.

So, why is coaching helpful? As a coaching client, I am able to move forward at a faster pace than I am able to on my on. Yes, I probably could get to all of this on my own, but a coach walked beside me, encouraged me to go out on a limb and do things that I was afraid to try. My coach encouraged every idea I had, and gave me the space to act on it.

decideWe have self-limiting beliefs. “I cannot do this because ___________.” You fill in the blank. We limit ourselves so often. We are afraid to go out on a limb. We know what we need to do next, but something in our head tells us to stop. Coaching can help walk along, encourage, support, and help knock down those self-imposed barriers to whatever it is we want to accomplish.

For those of you who are wondering, what is a coach:

  • A coach does not tell people how to get to their goals (that’s a consultant).
  • A coach does not try to figure out what happened in the past that has them stuck (that’s a counselor).
  • Coaches know their clients have the answers inside of themselves.
  • What coaches do is ask the powerful questions that cause the client to think beyond where they are.
  • A coach will help you get past your self limiting beliefs. They will encourage you to go the direction your were afraid to go.
    • We are our own worst enemies. We have self-limiting beliefs. “I can’t do that because . . . I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m not smart enough, I’m not popular enough, I’m not _____ (you fill in the blank).
    • A coach will walk beside you, even if you decide that is not, after all where you want to go.
  • The coach does not set the agenda—the client does—it never works to tell someone what or how to do something—it has to be authentic to the person. The coach helps them discover a way to overcome what they thought were overwhelming obstacles.

Because of this great coaching experience, I chose to go through coach training. It was an intensive training program. It was every other weekend for 5 weekends, starting on a Friday at 1:00 pm, and ending on a Sunday at 5:00 pm. I attended these classes in Chicago. It was a nice get-away. There were approximately 20 in the class. We coached and challenged each other at our training sessions practicing what we were learning. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with The Coaches Training Institute, and received my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

What I like about becoming a coach is that I don’t have to know all the answers. I just need to know how to ask the questions so you can find your answers.

What are you wanting to accomplish that leaves you stuck in fear or doubt? What are some of the tools you need to move forward?

Would you like a free sample session

or more information about coaching?

Let me know.



Forgive? Really?

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t get over the hurt. I suppose that is the definition of a victim. One cannot get over the hurt? I didn’t realize that I was mad at anyone because I defined it as hurt. I was mad at my whole family minus my mom. I was mad at my ex. I was mad at the people at church. I was mad at the working world the wouldn’t give me a break. On occasion it did feel like anger, but mostly it felt like hurt.

What I didn’t realize that hurt is a form of anger. If we don’t feel angry about it, we are denying we feel hurt. The question is, what does one do with this hurt?

00 HEARTPeople fail us all the time. That is just the way it is. We are human beings who can be intentionally or unintentionally cruel. Maybe cruel is too strong of a word. We can be hurtful to others in our actions or inactions. Possibly we are not even hurtful, but from someone else’s point of view, it is hurtful.

If this hurt festers, it becomes a big ugly sore. That is what happens when relationships break. I could try to heal this hurt so it wouldn’t fester, but when I was going through my “dark years,” I had no idea how to heal that hurt.

One day someone told me that I had to forgive all those people who I felt hurt me. Really? They hurt me? Why would I do that? There is biblical reasoning for forgiving. God forgives us, and who are we not to forgive? We are commanded to forgive.

On a practical side, for those of you who don’t want a biblical answer, one cannot move forward without forgiveness. Remember I mentioned in an earlier blog about people who try to get better but they have one foot nailed to the floor. Unforgiveness (is that a word?) will nail our foot to the floor. What happens when we try to move forward—we can only walk in circles—getting nowhere.

When the hurt and pain from someone is not forgiven, it pops back up in our faces and we feel the hurt, the anger, the betrayal, the pain all over again. It is hard to live a life of purpose when those feelings keep popping up. They begin to fester, and anger takes over the hurt, and we have no where to go with that anger.

00 rattlesnakeSo, think about this. When you allow the hurt you feel to come back over and over, you are actually allowing that hurtful person/behavior to have control over you and your feelings. Really? Are you really going to allow someone else to control how you feel from day to day?

Forgiveness is not about the person who hurt. Forgiveness is about us getting better—healing from the pain—moving on in our lives to fulfill the purpose we were created for. It frees us up to be who we are meant to be.

Sometimes it is good to go to the person to tell them you forgive them. Sometimes that person is toxic, and one shouldn’t approach them. Forgiving doesn’t mean we have to be back in relationship with that person. It just means that we acknowledge that they hurt us (intentionally or unintentionally), and we can let it go, and not let it affect our lives any longer.

The American Psychological Association stated this definition: “Forgiveness is a process (or the result of a process) that involves a change in emotion and attitude regarding an offender. Most scholars view this an intentional and voluntary process, driven by a deliberate decision to forgive….This process results in decreased motivation to retaliate or maintain estrangement from an offender despite their actions, and requires letting go of negative emotions toward the offender.” ~American Psychological Association. Forgiveness: A Sampling of Research Results. 2006

The thing that happens when we forgive is that we change our emotion about the offender. We are no longer wanting to retaliate or let them know how angry we are. We let go of the negative emotions. This is not an easy process, and it may take time, but it is liberating.

00 set you freeWhen I realized that I needed to forgive all these folks, it was like a weight was lifted off me. It also changed my relationship with many of these people. I was also capable of setting boundaries, that kept me from being harmed. I let some people know that I deserved respect as much as they deserved respect, and if they could not treat me or talk to me respectfully, I was out of the conversation or their presence. I didn’t say this in an angry manner. I was no longer angry at the person because I had already forgiven, but I set my boundaries of how I would allow someone to treat me.

I distinctly remember a time when a person who I told this to crossed the boundary. I was on the telephone with him, and in the conversation, he became belligerent, and said some unkind things. Rather than argue back, which would serve no purpose, I calmly said “I am hanging up now.” I didn’t need to say why. I had already stated my boundary to this person a long while before. I hung up the phone. A few days later, this person sent me a note apologizing for his behavior and what he said. We restored the relationship. That isn’t always going to happen. But, what will always happen is if you calmly let them know their behavior is unacceptable, you will have the peace and not the anger. I was shocked how well this worked, and wondered why I hadn’t done this years before!

000 FORGIVE OTHRSForgiving is a powerful tool we all have in our tool kit. Why do we let it lay there unused? We like pulling out the hammer and banging away, taking out the saw and cutting things up, and we will always have a mess on our hands.

There is a reason you see the bumper stickers of 12-step group members that say, “Let Go, Let God.” Forgiving is about letting it go. We don’t have to be God—we don’t have to punish. We don’t have to judge. We can do what God does—forgive. We can let go. We can live life. We can pull that nail out of our foot and start walking forward.

It grieves me to see people who are hurting and angry, reliving over and over the hurt they felt. At some point, we have to deal with that anger and let it go before we start having unhealthy behaviors. It takes time. It may take doing it over and over until we can let it go. That’s okay.

If you cannot talk to the people who you feel hurt by, find someone you can talk this through with so that you can finally say, “I forgive them, and I let it go.” Make your boundaries strong, and loving. Emotionally healthy people will respond positively.

00 Ephesians

Women of Distinction

We hear a lot about amazing, strong women who are leaders in business, education or politics.  There were two women in my life who were not leaders like that, but they meant a lot to me.  Both of them are gone, and I miss them both very much.  Who are they, and what would I say if I had a chance to just say one more thing to them?

mom and me

The only photo I have of just me and my mom. Easter Sunday 1949.

My mom – Her name was Dorothy.  She was always old to me, because she was my mom— she was 30 years and 29 days older than me.  My mom loved from the farthest depths of her heart.

She saw heartache from a young age.  On June 10, 1935, at the age of 16, she and her mother survived an automobile accident where her best friend who was also her aunt and the same age as her, died instantly.  Along with my mom’s aunt, was my mom’s uncle and his newlywed wife of less than 24 hours who died in this crash.  My mom and grandmother survived this accident with minor injuries.  I am sure the real injuries for her were deep in her heart.  Sixty years later, I interviewed her about the accident.  She described it in detail—what she saw and what she heard—so heartbreaking.  My mother was thrown from the car—how did she survive that?  Had she not survived, I would not be here to write about her.

My mom was not formally educated, but she was one of the smartest people I have known.  She could add columns of numbers in her head.  When I was a child she would come home from the grocery store and lay her purchases out on the table.  She checked her receipt to the stamped prices on the cans and packages, like she was reconciling a bank statement.  If the store gave her too much change, she would drive back and return the money to them.

My mother received a settlement after the tragic car accident.  She took the money and attended Brown’s Business School in St. Louis, MO, where she studied bookkeeping.  She was a natural.  She was the bookkeeper for Mr. Pigeon who many will remember as the owner of Gramdpa Pigeon’s Stores.  She worked for Pigeon Vitrified China Company, which was before he opened his big discount stores.  She later became the office manager for my dad’s construction company, and her expertise was a major contributor to their success.

mom2 2Dorothy never forgot a birthday or an anniversary.  She sent cards and money to many people to celebrate their events.  She gave generously to others.  She fed my friends, she housed my out of town friends.  She drove us across the country so we could reunite with our friends at church camp.  In the days when my life was rough and finances were very tight, she would give me bags of groceries so I could feed my children.  She did not have one selfish bone in her body.

My mom did not have a great singing voice, but she sang a lot.  She taught us fun little songs like “Mairzy Doats.”  I don’t have a great singing voice either, but I sing.  I sing a whole rain medley when the weather takes a turn.  Usually when no one is listening, I sing silly songs, hymns, show tunes, and I sing along with the oldies.  She also could play a pretty mean harmonica!

When I was going through the roughest challenges of my life and was not coping well or making good decisions, my mother told me every time I saw her, “I love you and I am praying for you.”

Today I know that her prayers were answered, and to this day I feel the love she had for me, my sisters, and everyone who crossed her path.  What would I say to her if I could tell her just one thing?

Thanks, Mom, I will always feel your love, and I hope I can bestow that kind of love on everyone with whom I have contact.

Susan – She was my sponsor in my 12-Step program for codependency.  Her famous words were always, “Work the Steps.”

Susan22Being my sponsor was not what made her so important in my life—she became a dear and personal friend.  She was the best listener I have ever met.  She let me talk through whatever my issues were.  We talked about everything.  She always got a chuckle out of the crazy stuff that occurred around my life, and always wanted to know about my career, my online dating, my spiritual journey, my kids and grandkids.  She attended my youngest son’s plays and concerts in high school.  She attended my oldest granddaughter’s concerts and other events.  She rejoiced with me over my family’s accomplishments.

Other than my mom, she was the most generous person I have ever known.  Her home and swimming pool were open to me and my family any time.  She even provided all the pool toys.  My grandkids learned how to swim in Susan’s pool.


Just a few of the many gifts from Susan, and also the “You Go Girl” pictured above.

When I met her, Susan was working at a Hallmark card store.  What a perfect place for her to work.  Even after she quit working, I got cards in the mail for my birthday, for Christmas, and sometimes just because she was thinking of me.  I have mementos all over my house of the sweet little gifts she would give me.  These are reminders of our sweet friendship.

When I was struggling to pull my life together, Susan was always encouraging me.  I had finally decided it was time for me to start attending church again.  I would get up Sunday morning with good intentions, drive my car to a church I wanted to visit, and then panic would set in, and I would turn the car around and go home.  I shared this struggle with Susan, and she told me not to get down on myself.  She said, “When you are ready, God will get you there.”  She was right!

Like my mom, Susan never said a bad word about anyone.  She loved people deeply, and people were drawn to her kindness.  To me, she had friends coming out of the woodwork.  I am sure every one of them felt as special as I did.

What would I say to her if I could tell her just one thing?

Thanks, Susan, for your devoted friendship, for all the great lunches and dinners together, for your sweetness and kindness to everyone who you met.  I hope I can be as kind and as generous to others as you have been to me

Both of these women (my mom and Susan) were quiet in the background kind of people.  They loved deeply, and they had generous hearts.  I am so much richer today because of these two very special women in my life.

Who would you want to thank?  Are they still with you today?  Tell them in person, if you can.  It will mean so much to them, and to you. 



Four Years and Counting!

This weekend is my 4th wedding anniversary. I still feel like a newlywed. With all that has happened in my past, I was not sure God would bless me with a significant other in my life. How wrong I was!

match photoI met Dennis on Who would have thought? Definitely not me. I have been on dating sites on and off for three years. I have done Match and Christian Mingle. I have met a lot of frogs! I have also met a few men whom I enjoyed meeting. We even became friends, but the chemistry and connection was not there.

Before I go further, let me back up a bit. I was not out seeking a husband. I enjoy the company of bright men. I was tired of sitting home and not going to dinner with someone other than girlfriends and family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriends and family, but I missed the conversation I enjoy with the male species! I couldn’t figure where to meet someone. Friends and family sure weren’t setting me up, so I decided to go with online dating. My first experience was really bad, and I quit for a couple years.

During this time I connected with an old college friend and we wrote each other a lot, talking about everything under the sun. As I got to know him, I realized what a “good guy” was, and really appreciated his insight on life. I learned to be more adept at screening out the frogs because of this wonderful friendship.

IMG_3270After my son’s wedding, I realized I didn’t like being the only one at the party without a dance partner. I know that wasn’t completely true, but that is how I felt. I wanted that friend who I could call and ask to accompany me to events I didn’t want to attend alone. Thus the online dating started again.

What an adventure that had been. I met some really boring people. Some couldn’t carry a conversation for the life of them. Some whom I never gave the opportunity to meet, couldn’t put a sentence together in writing–we always started out writing. Some wanted to give me makeovers, and some were just downright arrogant! I also met some really nice guys. Some today are still my friends. I hope they will be fortunate enough to find that special lady for themselves.

I had a lot of stinky dates. I had a few that made it past the first date! There were very few who I was willing to see more than twice, even though they were not my true connection. We enjoyed the friendship.

IMG_1802I had a 30 mile radius set up on my dating website. I didn’t want to be too far away. I didn’t want the dating to be difficult. But, when I got bored, I would reset the my distance perimeters even to 1,000 miles, just to see who was out there. The “cool guy” was just always too far away! Or so I thought.

I went through a difficult summer in 2012 when my sister got ill, and I spent much time with her until her death. It was one of the saddest times of my life. I never expected to lose a sister so soon. Things were not going well with my job that year either. It seemed there were more difficult days than good days. I thought nothing good was going to happen in that year. September rolled around and I got bored again with my online site, so I advanced my radius to 100 miles. There jumped out a photo of this silver haired man with a smile that lit up the photo. I couldn’t help but send him a short note.

IMG_1286Yes, this man was Dennis! Because of his travel and my business travel, we could not meet for almost three months, but we wrote, texted, and talked a lot on the telephone. So far it looked good. He seemed to fit my criteria–smart, educated, retired professional, articulate, man of faith, good relationship with his family, not angry over the past, optimistic about the future. I had met other men with those criteria, and we enjoyed each other’s company, but there was not the special connection we needed for this to be a lasting relationship.  I knew, though, the real test would be in meeting.

Dennis lived 85 miles away. How would that work? He lived in the country. Actually, that was appealing to me. Ever since I was a teenager, I have envied those living in small communities. The pace is so gentle and peaceful. One can always drive to the big city, but I have always in the back of my head loved the idea of a small town. Even living in St. Charles, I was only two blocks from the corn fields. I loved that I would take my walks in what I considered the heartland of America–where we grow crops to feed our people.

IMG_5756Finally, Dennis and I met in late November. We went to the St. Louis Zoo. It was sunny and very cold. The wind whipped around, and neither of us dressed warm enough for such a day. I remember being thankful every time we reached another animal house that we could walk indoors! Dennis suggested we sit outside at one point when we were no where near an indoor facility. I started to sit next to him on the bench, and he told me to sit on the other side of him. Without any thought, I did so. After about 10 minutes of people watching and chatting on the bench, he suggested we get up and move on. He said he was cold, and then he said, he moved me to the sunny spot so I could be warm!

We spent the whole day at the zoo, and ended the day going out to dinner. There was nothing spectacular about the day. He was just another guy. He then volunteered to come back in town two days later. He said he would go to church with me and we could spend the day together after church. I was not sure. Then I thought of the bench and how he thought of me to sit in the sunny spot to be warm, and I realized this nice guy needed a second date with me–I could not write him off. Also, he wanted to attend church with me. That was a huge plus–someone who wanted to worship with me. How many guys offer that?

IMG_4272I guess you could say the rest is history. I found Dennis to be exactly what I have prayed for. Even funny–he is as goofy as I am! We laugh a lot. At stupid stuff! And then we laugh some more! I thought he was a stuffy executive the first time I met him. I also realized I had a shield around me and didn’t let my real self be known. Instead, we are just two ordinary people who connected.

We enjoy each other’s company, even if we are both sitting on our computers, reading, watching television, doing yard work, or painting walls together. We love being in each others presence. I love the fact he likes being dragged around the country to meet my family and friends!

My Two Quilts

He is my greatest cheerleader. When I wanted to make a quilt for my new grandson and one for his son, I was unsure. I had made only 2 quilts in my life and it was 40 years since the last one. He encouraged me and said I could do it. When I wanted to do HR consulting and coaching on a part time basis, he encouraged me to do it. When I was unsure if I should actually start writing a blog, he encouraged me to do it. He knows I am a project person. I love being creative and accomplishing projects. He knows my projects change because so many ideas are running through my head. He is good with that.

He has taught me to love road trips. I was all about hopping on an airplane to my destinations. He taught me about all the things I miss when not driving. On the trip to LA for my son’s wedding, we stopped at Carlsbad Caverns, Phoenix to visit friends and family, The Grand Canyon, and on the return trip, San Francisco, through Utah to visit more family, and getting lost in Wyoming. When we drove to Big Sky, we stopped at the Corn Palace, Mt. Rushmore, and Jackson Hole. There are so many things to see on the way to and from!

He has embraced my children and grandchildren. I have a large family of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends who are loved like family — he accepts them all — welcomes them all to our home.  He is the most gracious host to anyone who visits our home.  My children have also embraced Dennis and his son.  We all love spending time together.

Dennis and me with my four sons.

On occasion we take in the sunrises in the early morning from our screened porch, or sit out there during a thunderstorm to watch the sky light up and feel the thunder roll. We hike IMG_1670through the woods and he points out the wildlife around us.

Dennis has a servant’s heart. He will help people in need. I have seen him move more furniture for friends and family than a moving company, care for his 98 year old mother on a day to day basis, muck a barn for someone who is too ill to do it, make beds and clean bathrooms for a wife who isn’t fond of those particular chores! He does it all with much care and love.

He is not perfect—he can’t cook! That was the only criteria he did not meet on my criteria of significant others! But, I love to cook, and occasionally he will perform as my sous chef. We balance our talents so perfectly.

I am blessed to have this man in the later years of my life. Happy Anniversary to Dennis and Me!

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this wonderful man.

I hear something
Not sure,
What is it?
Shh, listen.
My heart is singing.

Quiet, but sweet,
Listen as it sings!
The story of joy
The song of delight
My heart sings.