Lessons Learned at Death’s Door

Sharing with you some past blogs that had an impact on my life. Life brings us twists and turns that we think we are not prepared for. I am grateful that I am alive today to share this experience with you.

Andrea Unsinkable

I could have easily died on June 6, 1979.  I have told my story to doctors who find it amazing that I am here to tell about it.  I was only 31 years old.  Over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-28), I was having some cramps—a bit uncomfortable, and felt discomfort standing straight up.  It went in waves.  The only person I told was my sister-in-law who was visiting us from Chicago.  She noticed that I seemed uncomfortable.  I told her I would call the doctor after the holiday.  I did and set an appointment for mid June.  I was due my annual OB/GYN checkup anyway.  The cramps went away in a couple days and everything was back to normal.  Well, until the morning of June 6.

It was nine days since Memorial Day, and I had quickly forgotten the discomfort I had felt that weekend.  I remember my day very…

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