Accidents Happen

Still traveling and sharing some my favorite past blogs. This is my family history–the event happened 83 years ago this past Sunday.

Andrea Unsinkable

When I was a teenager my mom wouldn’t let me ride in cars with another teen driving. She never said why. I could go to an activity at school with my friends — if she drove. Was it because they were teens? Or was it because she felt more in control if she drove? About a year before my mom died, I interviewed her about her life. I then printed her story and made copies for our family. There are many more questions I wish I asked, but the stories I have will have to suffice.

So, back to riding in a car. When my mom was 16 years old, she was in an automobile accident that has become a legend story in the family. Let me set it up so you know all the players.

Dorothy Tomich Nothum – my mom, age 16
Pauline Vrazsity Tomich – my grandmother…

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