Living the Life

Arizona house

I have been in Arizona for exactly two months.  The time has flown.  I am just starting to get into the groove of living some place new.  I have learned many of the back street ways to get places rather than travel on the busy roads—I like taking the road less traveled.  I no longer wake up in the morning wondering what I should do for the day.  I know where the grocery stores are.  I know where my favorite spots on the couch and chairs are.  I know which cabinets the dishes belong.  My pantry and refrigerator both have food.  It is home.

I am thoroughly comfortable here.  The house is about one half the size of the house in Missouri, and I love the fact it is quick and easy to clean.  I love that I can walk a half mile and be at the community center with a terrific work out room.  I love that I can walk all over the neighborhood without a coat, and not have to take the same route each day, and get a good walk in.  I love that there is no grass ever to cut!  I love that flowers are blooming in February.  I love the fact we have a mountain to look at and hike on whenever we feel like it, and it’s right out our back door.  There is so much to like here.   

Missouri house

I currently own homes in both Missouri and Arizona.  I would love to sell the Missouri house.  I have loved that home, and we made it a great place for family and friends, but I love the leisurely life we have in Arizona without home upkeep (the advantage of a new build).  I would like my husband to not to have to cut grass on 3 acres and not have to worry about the pool.  I would like him to live as leisurely in Missouri as in Arizona.

I would like to make new memories in a new location when we see our home.  I have no idea where it will be.  We will not look for something until our house is sold.  It’s kind of like living in limbo.  I could be moving out of that house in a month or in 6 months.  I am prepared to move at a moment’s notice.  We have worked hard to have the house ready, so that if it sold while we are in Arizona, it would be a fairly easy pack up and move out project.  We are ready.  I wonder where is my buyer.  Who is the next family to come love our home, and make wonderful memories there?  I just wish whoever they were, they would speak up soon.  I want to make my next set of plans.

I prefer the weather of Arizona, but in two months I will be returning to Missouri.  I fear I will be the same when I arrive there as I was when I first arrived here in late December.  I won’t have a routine, and it will take me two months to figure it out again.  Then I will be in full swing in a routine, and it will be time to pack up and return to Arizona.  How do snowbirds do this?

Which back yard do I like best?  I love them both.  I have been blessed to enjoy such beautiful spaces with my husband.  Yes, this has been a great winter.  If our house doesn’t sell, it will be a great summer at the pool.  If it does, it will be a great new adventure.  I’m ready!  

Arizona back yard
Missouri back yard


  • The photos you shared are gorgeous! Your future sounds so exciting!


    • Thank you. We are enjoying both beautiful places. I do look forward to the future changes, and an opportunity to really enjoy our retirement to the fullest.


  • Missouri views … but gotta admit the weather is MUCH better in Arizona. Two more rounds of snow on the way and a MAJOR FLOOD event coming mid to late March (maybe like ’93). Glad you are having fun.


    • Arizona’s views are unique. I have been following the weather in Missouri and so surprised to see how harsh it is this year. Stay warm and safe, and hopefully we will see you this summer.


  • I do wish your Missouri house would sell. It would be nice to have that out of the way. All in good time, I suppose.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your Arizona weather while we hunker down and wait out the next storm. Sigh.


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