This Week In My Life

Yay!  We have gotten through the two major political conventions.  It is such a shame that we don’t get to see the conventions for the Libertarians and other political parties who feel they would do the best job in Washington.  I don’t do politics on social media.  Most of my friends and family know where I stand, but I don’t want to get into arguments with anyone.  I don’t want them to call me all the mean nasty names, or say they cannot figure out why on earth I think like I do.  If I recall, this country set up a system of secret ballots so that no one would be intimidated from voting the way they believed.  What happened to the idea that I don’t want to tell how I am voting, and you shouldn’t ask.  Yep.  We need “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to elections.  How much nicer the election year would be!

So . . .  I continue to purchase fabric, and find designs that grab my attention, and dive into piecing quilts for my pure enjoyment.  I just completed a quilt top.  I was so pleased with it. I loved the design and I loved the fabric.  I laid it out across our king size bed.  I am standing on a two-step stool to take its photo to share with my quilting Facebook groups.  Dennis kept pointing at one of the squares.  Why was he putting his finger in my photo?  Then I saw what he saw—I put a square together upside down two rows into my finished top!  I have carefully, with my handy seam-ripper, taken out the square to put in properly so the design will all go the right way.  My new challenge—how to pull a square out that has all ready been surrounded by completed rows to make a change!  I will do the fix this week.  I think it will be easier than it sounds (I hope).

In the meantime, I have put up all my sewing materials because I am using my dining room in Missouri as my sewing room.  This weekend I was hosting a family at our home whom I have never met.  

How does that happen?  I don’t run an Airb&b.  But I do what I can do when I find out someone needs help.  A few weeks ago, I learned that a relative of my sister’s husband was sick.  She was diagnosed with cancer.  She is young, married and has three little children.  He husband is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood here in Missouri.  She is having her surgery in Columbia, Missouri, near our home.  I connected with her on Facebook.  I invited her family to come to our home for the weekend to have a quiet vacation-like weekend before she has major surgery.  

I don’t want a pat on the back for doing this.  We have a large home in Missouri, and are able to offer this.  If the tables were turned, and one of my children were going through something like this away from all their family and friends, I would hope someone would do the same for them.  The two school-aged boys spent their whole time here in the swimming pool.  They came out of the water for meals, and to sleep at night.  I have never seen two little boys have so much fun in a pool.  We ended their weekend with a wiener roast at the fire pit, and S’mores for dessert.  They have gone back home to be in school this week.  We will host her husband and baby while mom is in the hospital, and he will be close by.

I ask that all of you who read this blog will pray for Anita.  This will be the first surgery, and probably not the only one.  Pray for all the doctors and healthcare workers who will be tending to her.  Pray for a successful surgery and healing.  Pray for little boys who don’t understand what a cancer diagnosis means, and pray for a husband who has a lot on his plate, working full time in the military and tending to this family he loves dearly.

She is only expected to be in the hospital for two or three days.  Having her family here was a gift to me.  I loved watching those little boys play and love on their mom and dad.  The only thing I had to do was make sure food was on the table—and I usually do that daily anyway.  

Later this week, I will attempt to fix my “broken” square and complete the quilt top.  I have more fabric and a plan to start the next quilt.  I’m super stoked to keep sewing to keep my mind on things that are not stressful or controversial.  I get to make quilts with love.  I know to whom they are going, so as I stitch them, I think of these people who I love, and hope they will love wrapping themselves in my little bit of my artwork.

Thank you for reading this.  Prayers for my new friend and her family are most appreciated.  


  1. And now we know why the sale of your house hasn’t been completed yet. Whether you want a pat on the back or not, that was a generous thing for you and Dennis to do. I hope your new friend’s treatment is both uncomplicated and successful.


  2. Recently we were reading in Hebrews 13, about how we are to entertain angels unaware. I believe God has given you & Dennis that gift! Praying for Anita and her family. Also, I couldn’t help but to remember those pieces of fabric are what we were wearing in the 60’s!!! Love it!

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  3. Loved this post! You and Dennis are such kind-hearted people and so generous! How wonderful it was that you have the home and opportunity to minister to this family. Praying for successful surgery for Anita and strength for her husband.
    Your quilting reminds me of Grandma Nothum. She always had a quilt spread out on her quilting frame in one of the bedrooms. I remember that my sisters and I were gifted some beautiful pink quilts from her over the years!

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    1. Thank you, Cindy. I don’t remember Grandma making quilts. I have a quilt she gave me which I think she made. It was an appliqué quilt. I used it so much that the scalloped edges were falling apart. My sister. Marilyn, cut off the scallops and then attached new binding. (Before my quilting days). I have it at our home in Arizona.


  4. What a gift you gave that family. Those boys loved your pool!! The parents were able to watch them have fun. I will pray for Anita and her husband. I hate to hear of young people being so sick.

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  5. Prayers for Anita’s compete healing. I know they are grateful and that your kindness is in itself an offering of health and wellness. We had our grandsons with us this weekend – amazing bundles of energy and delight! Glad you got to experience that too ! 🙂

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