Time To Say Goodbye

Well, the inauguration is over, and that day was a beginning in more than one way for me.  That day Dennis and I cleared out most of our belongings at the house in Missouri.  It is now a new day, a new beginning, a new adventure in so many ways.

I have lived in this home since 2013 when I married Dennis.  We repainted, did some remodeling, and hosted tons of people at our home.  As our relationship was moving forward and we were talking about marriage, I told him that this home was too big for two people, and if we owned a home like this together, I felt we should share it.  He was onboard with that.

The first party we had was a little over a month after we married.  My youngest son had gotten married in Los Angeles and made his way with his bride to St. Louis where we held a wedding reception for them.  All my sons were in the state of Missouri, so it was a perfect time to have a party at our home to celebrate our marriage.  That was our first party.

My children and grandchildren loved coming here for weekends to swim in the pool, take paddleboat rides on the small lake, and to just relax from their daily tasks in the city.  Grandkids stayed for weekends, and sometimes weeks.

We hosted so many friends and family from out of town.  One highlight was the girl cousin party at our home for four days.  Along with my sister and myself, four of our cousins came from around the country, and you would have thought we were teenagers again.  Dennis was the most wonderful host who made sure our wine glasses were full, and chauffeured us to the Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton, the Missouri Penitentary Tour in Jefferson City, and various restaurants in Columbia and Fulton.  

Oh, the Thanksgivings and Christmases decorated and celebrated.  I loved having a 12’ tree, and I especially loved that I had more than enough ornaments for it, and 99% of of them had sentimental meaning.  Baking the holiday pies and cookies couldn’t have been better with such an amazing kitchen.  Such joy the season brought each year. 

I must not miss mentioning all the times we sat in the screened-in porch out back experiencing huge thunder storms.  If there is a way to be in awe of nature, it’s watching and listening to a thunderstorm. In the winter, the snowfall was magnificent especially sitting inside by the roaring fire in the fireplace and watching the birds just outside the window at the bird feeder.

Watching Thunderstorms

In 2016, I was given a notice for jury duty in Callaway County.  I looked at the dates, and gave the courthouse a call.  On June 9, 2016, I was having a party/potluck/swim party at our home.  The guests?  People from the class of 1966 from Lindbergh High School, St. Louis, Missouri.  It was the date, exactly 50 years, from the day we graduated.  It was our reunion before our actual reunion, which was a few months later.  By the way, Callaway County actually let me take that day.  The following year, the day of the total solar eclipse in 2017, my classmates came back because we were in the path.  What a fun day.  As we all had our “eclipse glasses,” we watched as the sun literally was blocked by the moon, and yes, it got dark here.  If I recall, it was dark for about three minutes, and then the sun started peeking out behind the moon, and then back to full sunshine.  What a great day of memories with friends from my youth. 

Lindbergh High School Class of 1966 at Eclipse Party

We had family members and friends from all over the country visit.  The ones with small children loved being here—swimming in the pool, roasting hot dogs at the fire pit, taking a paddle boat ride in the lake.  Our church in Columbia has small group Bible studies, and while we lived in Fulton, we hosted a biweekly group at our home.

In the last few years, my grandchildren were getting older, taking jobs during the summer, graduating from high school, going to work or on to college.  Their time here became more limited.  It was a good time for us to consider moving to a warm climate.

We have sold our home to a family who has a teenage son.  I am sure he and his friends will make wonderful memories of this home, along with his parents.  It is always good to know that someone is going to pick where we left off, love this home and it surroundings.  I wish them happiness and contentment.  

Now we are ready for the next phase of our lives.  We will be living in a wonderful climate.  We will hike mountains, and host guests from all over the country.  I even have classmates in the Phoenix area, so our small reunion get-togethers will continue after Covid goes away.  We will hook up our travel trailer in the summer, leave the scorching weather and travel all over this country.  Watch out — we may be coming to visit!

For now, I am so thankful for the past seven years, married to Dennis, living in this home, and loving on everyone who crossed our threshold.  God has been so good.


  1. After we “lost” our home, and more importantly our neighborhood, after Hurricane Andrew tore through town, I swore to my husband I would never love a home again…but I did. Moving on is tough, but soon enough new memories are created. Beautiful home, beautiful post, beautiful family..you are right to feel blessed.


    1. So sorry to hear about your home and neighborhood. My moving on was planned. I cannot imagine how hard it would be if it was forced. I’m glad you found a new home to love and new memories to create.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the photos and memories of your (former) home. Looks like so much and laughter was shared. How wonderful to take those memories with you! My husband and I are trying to plan a move and deciding where to go is our biggest challenge. We’ve made so many sweet memories in our current home, but looking forward to making more in the years to come in a new location.


  3. Thanks for sharing the photos and memories of your (former) home. Looks like so much love and laughter was shared. How wonderful to take those memories with you! My husband and I are trying to plan a move and deciding where to go is our biggest challenge. We’ve made so many sweet memories in our current home, but looking forward to making more in the years to come in a new location.


  4. So many good memories made and captured at “house in the woods”!! Thanks for so generously and graciously including us in your gatherings and life in general!


  5. Wonderful blog
    Thanks for sharing with us all the fun times and fond memories!!!!!!!
    We’re all having the times of our lives………………..
    God Bless You and Dennis,
    Richard Geitz


  6. Mark and my pandemic project was cleaning out his Aunt Hazel’s house. Some would call her a hoarder, but what she really was was a compulsive shopper. She shopped every day when she was driving. When she gave up her car, she found QVC on the television. She was 95 when she passed away. She had so many boxes that had not been opened. She bought clothes, jewelry, gadgets, cleaning supplies, decorations, books, etc. We opened all those boxes. We took cardboard to recyle center. We donated to GoodWill, Assistance League, Habitat for Humanity, Christ for Humanity, DayCare Center for the Homeless, etc. We did take a few treasures and shared a few with family and friends. This year our project is to declutter our home. We don’t want our kids to talk about us when we are gone. We have lived here 25 years.


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