I Have Covid!

I have Covid—yes, the Corona Virus-19.  How could this be?  I am so confused.  I thought I did everything right.  March of 2020, I sheltered in place.  I was frightened like everyone else in the world was.  What did this all mean? 

Schools closed down.  Churches shuttered their doors.  Businesses were finding new ways to have employees work from home.  Businesses that depended on customers coming in person were trying to find ways to remain in business.  It was a crazy time.  Supplies, especially cleaning and sanitizing supplies, were almost impossible to find.  We were going to sanitize our way out of this dreadful disease that came out of — well, depends on who you ask.  Don’t say China — that’s mean — even though we had in the past the Spanish flu, and we didn’t hate the Spanish people because of it — but don’t say it came from China, because that would be hateful.

Okay, I won’t go there.  It doesn’t matter, to me, where it came from.  It does matter to me that it did show up.  Precautions were taken.  Sewing machines were spitting out face masks by the gazillions.  People were genuinely frightened.  It was something we were not used to dealing with.  People got sick, and people died.

A vaccine was promised, and the president opened the doors for the pharmaceutical companies to work at “warp speed” to find a vaccine.  I don’t care who you think got the vaccine out—doesn’t matter.  It came out — a couple different kinds.  Then some of us got in line to be stuck by that needle.  I was one of them.  This would protect me, and especially protect my husband, who already had lung issues.  I stuck my arm out (twice) and got shot.  Many people refuse to get the shot for so many different reasons, and you know what?  I’m okay with that also.  These vaccines were rolled out fast with little testing.  I’m not sure I would have gotten the shots if my husband wasn’t high risk.

Life moved on.  I was immunized.  I should be safe.  Yes, I was aware, I could get Covid, but it would be mild, “they” said, whoever “they” are.  I must admit, for me, that is true.  My case is mild compared to some others, although I don’t know if I know anyone who got Covid after being fully vaccinated.  Once again, I can only speak for myself.

Here is what is confusing to me.  Why are we pushing everyone to be vaccinated if the vaccine doesn’t really work?  Does it?  There is now a booster. How often will we need the booster anyway?  Will there be a 2nd booster, on and on and on?

My husband and I were both given the monoclonal antibody infusion, which is supposed to go in and surround the Covid virus in my body and make it stop replicating—no reproduction allowed to go on!  But, apparently it’s only good for about 90 days.  I was told I could not have any vaccines, Covid, flu, pneumonia, etc for 90 days.  But then, when the 90 days are over, I’m supposed to get a booster shot.  Really?  I just had Covid.  Aren’t I immune now that I just had Covid?  Why did I get the shot in the first place?  Why do I need to keep getting boosters?  

I am not saying these aren’t necessary, but I sure am confused about the whole thing.  A couple weeks ago the current administration set out a mandate that all employers with 100 or more employees must require all their employees to be vaccinated.  There are scores of medical personnel who do not want the vaccine.  They have been working in this scary healthcare world during this pandemic, and have stayed healthy or have had Covid and recovered—why do they need it?  So, we would rather fire these people from their livelihood than have qualified healthcare workers who are willing to take care of patients regardless.  The vaccine doesn’t even prevent the illness.  It’s not a polio shot that irradiated polio. If they already got Covid, don’t they now have a natural immunity?

The immigrants that are coming over the border are not required to be tested or vaccinated.  Really?  The last time I heard, they are human beings with the same kind of DNA in their bodies as mine.  If healthcare workers, and workers at all businesses of 100+ are required the shots, why not those coming over our borders?  None of this makes any sense.

I do not have the answers for this.  I am grateful that my Covid is mild, and I am on the road to recovery.  I have a first cousin who died a couple months ago from Covid, so I know personally, it is a mighty dangerous disease, as is flu and cancer.  We don’t require all healthcare workers to get mammograms.  

I just think if we are going to set up some rules around this disease, it needs to be consistent.  Everyone who enters this country must be vaccinated—we definitely don’t know where these people came from and who they have been around.

Doctors also need to be able to treat their patients in a way they believe fit.  The government should not make drugs illegal to use on a patient that a doctor thinks will work.  I know of a patient who needed oxygen when they had Covid, but the doctor said he was not allowed to order it if the diagnosis was Covid.  Really?  Who made that law?  Other medications that have worked well to quell the pandemic in others countries have now been made illegal in the U.S.  Why?  Shouldn’t the doctors have the right to order what they think will work with their patient?

This is not a political post.  This is a post about me getting Covid.  I’m being good.  I am quarantined.  I don’t want to be quarantined. I am back home.  I want to see my friends and family, go have lunches and dinners with them.  I want to hit the stores around here and get things I need since I have been gone so long.  I am doing what I am told to do.  I respect keeping others safe.  

People have had so many interesting reactions when they heard Dennis and I were tested positive.  Were you vaccinated?  How could you get this?  We are really scared for you.  Where did you get this?  Who gave it to you? 

Oh my, the questions and the comments.  I am not petrified.  I am 72 years old and have lived an amazing life.  Not perfect—really far from perfect, but I would not change anything.  This earth is not my final home, and if Covid did take my life, I might leave loved ones back grieving (I hope a few would), but I would be perfectly healed and in the presence of my creator and savior.  For me, that’s not something I am frightened of.  I am more frightened of being here on earth with all its craziness and inconsistencies that can make your head spin.

In the meantime, I’m being a good girl getting well.  I will do what I need to do.  I hope you will do what you need to do, and it is not for me to say what that is.  God has given you a good brain.  You figure it out yourself.

Thanks for listening to the ranting of a person who really wants to see her friends and family very soon.  In the meantime, I love you all.


  1. Here’s something to learn about life, something we knew as kids. Life has risks. No matter what you do, no matter how cautious, no matter how prepared, you’re never completely prepared. To all readers, living in fear, following propaganda, and thinking “experts” are to be fully trusted. You might as well hide in the corner of your home where you’ll get no exercise, less good air, and be surrounded by the dust mites and germs there. **Either that, or live a real life.

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  2. So sorry to hear you are sick. For what it’s worth … Chris was diagnosed with Covid about 10 days ago. He had two Johnson & Johnson vaccinations in the spring. He thought he had allergies but then lost his sense of smell and taste so he got tested and was positive. Symptoms were light, like a cold. He had a ten day quarantine and is back at work now.


  3. Hope you feel better soon, Andrea. Excellent article and perfect response. As a healthcare worker with some preexisting conditions, I lined up early to get my vaccines. I’m not afraid. It should be enough. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves with their doctor. Just got back from Florida where there are no masks and the rates seem much lower than St. Louis Co that has a mask mandate. Same with the rest of Missouri: no masks, lower rates. The politics need to stop.


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