My Most Unusual Christmas Holiday!

Happy New Years!  (almost 18 days late)!  I did not intend to neglect my blog site for so long, but life just got in the way.

Our Christmas and New Years holiday was anything but normal.  In November, my oldest son and his wife (and dog) moved in with us temporarily as they are relocating to Arizona.  Three days before Christmas, as we were out running errands, they called to tell us that they both had Covid.  First thing that got cancelled (or should I say postponed) was the Christmas dinner I had planned.  I called the butcher shop and cancelled the order for the special pork crown roast I was going to make, and called the guests to cancel our plans.

Then Dennis immediately got on the phone and started searching out an RV campground nearby.  Although we have both had Covid in late September, with his lung issues, we took no chances.  We ended up in Casa Grande, Arizona.  We lived-streamed Christmas Eve services, and had a quiet Christmas.  We watch movies, played cards, grilled an amazing steak dinner, and took a walk.  Actually, we loved our quiet Christmas, just the two of us.

We returned home a few days later, but not because the kids (grown up kids) were well (they were still sick), but Dennis was sick and I took him to the emergency room.  So, guess what?  I did not have New Years with my husband!  While he was sick and the kids still sick, I stayed a friend’s house nearby.

Dennis was admitted to the hospital.  He did not have Covid.  The hospital was so crowded, that they admitted him to the emergency room—they brought a regular hospital bed for him, and that’s where he stayed, as there was “no room in the inn.”

My sweet husband had some heart issues, and in the 3+ days in the hospital, he lost 20 lbs.  Who knew if your heart wasn’t beating properly, you would retain water and have trouble breathing?  When they discharged him, he felt better than he had felt in a long time.  He could breathe easily, and he had a ton of energy.  

Dennis looking good and feeling good after a few days in the hospital.

Since we have been home, we have gone on walks, and he is doing great.  We are diligently watching salt in our diets, and we are following up with his doctors to be sure this doesn’t happen again.  

On Saturday, January 8, we finally had all our guests over for Christmas dinner.  I reordered the pork crown roast on the previous Tuesday for pickup on Friday (the day before).  When we got there to pick it up, they couldn’t find the order.  Finally, the owner came out to apologize and said he did not have the meat in stock.  I started to turn to leave, and he stopped me and said he was getting in a truck of meat that afternoon, and would prepare the roast for me to pick up, and he would give it to us free of charge!  Merry Christmas to me!  

The Pork Crown Roast Sliced and Ready to Serve

We had a lovely dinner with friends and family, who we declared all were now family!  Our year has started off rough, but we got through it, and are just grateful for all the blessing we have.  

The tree and other decorations didn’t come down until after this evening.

I am planning to get life back to normal.  I have some quilt tops I need to put together.  I have some blogs to write.  I have some friends and family to connect with around town, and some traveling to do.  

I hope your holiday was a bit less stressful than ours.  I look forward to having more communication with you as we move into new adventures of 2022.


  1. 2021 was an interesting year to say the least…ours ended with almost everyone in the family sick so we had to cancel and postpone a lot ourselves. I am so glad that your husband is well again and that you were able to celebrate although later on! I look forward to your future posts and quilts!! Happy New Year!!!


  2. I had no idea that Dennis’ illness was related to his heart. That’s upsetting. As for the water retention and difficulty breathing with heart problems, I knew about that. I’m so glad the doctors got that sorted out. I hope that’s permanently under control.
    You guys have had enough illness to last for quite a while. Here’s to better health in 2022.

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