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Looking For The Words

I am really struggling. For the past week I have started writing a blog for it to go nowhere.  What’s with that?  The girl who can talk about most anything is found speechless!  Yikes!  What is happening to me?

I think part of the problem is that I have been sick with a nasty cold, or upper respiratory infection, or the plague for almost four weeks straight.  I realized that many of my blogs are inspired by something or someone—maybe from a conversation, or maybe from an observation.  While sick, I only observed my living room and my bedroom.  Yeah, that didn’t bring a lot of inspiration.

It does make me think how our interacting with others and with our community brings ideas and revelations.  I am a connection person.  I love connecting with people, and I really love connecting people together who may not know each other, but who I know have a common ground.  That was missing for the last few weeks.  It left my brain kind my brainof blank.  But then, maybe my brain was needed to go into overdrive to fight this bug that was invading my body.

Maybe I just needed to take a brain-break or is it brain-brake?  I did brake my brain to take a break.  Oh, the English language—don’t you just love it?  Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, metaphors, and similes.  By the way, break and brake are homophones, which means words that they are words spelled differently, sound alike, but have different meanings.  Of course, the most famous of the homophones that people have trouble distinguishing which to use (why, I don’t know) are there, their, and they’re. A word such as lead can have different meanings, such as to be in front of like to lead a band, or the metal lead.  Those are called homographs.  Some say those are both homonyms, and some say not.  I will leave those discussions with the scholars of the written word.  It’s like, who came up with this English language that is so filled with these double meaning words, and exceptions to the rule, like “i before e except after c?”

Okay, I’m done with the vocabulary lesson, although I must say that I am fascinated by words, not only their meanings, but also their sounds.  Have you ever said a word over and over until the word sounds really odd and out of place?  Or, is that only me?

So while I am turning my brain back on to thinking and writing, I am curious to hear from you who read my blogs, what ones do you like the best?  

Here is a list of possible categories and blogs.  You can click on the link to see each blog.  This is just a sampling under the categories.  I am really wanting feedback of what my followers like reading.

33 articleBiographical – Either my story or stories from my family tree.

Who’s you Daddy?, The Mother-In-Law, Exploring My Roots, Love in Any Language, Accidents Happen, She Would Have Been 100

Philosophical and Spiritual – How I interpret life and its meaning.

Life Lessons and Trees, What Do Your Scars Look Like?, I’m Dying, When God Says No

road tripTravel – Stories of my travels

King Of The Road, Crossing The Pond, Views Of My Arizona Mountain

Work – The good/bad experiences in the workplace

Miraculous Healing In The Workplace, Are You like Them?Are You Not?, Bad Bosses—I Had My Share, And You?

Holiday Traditions – Stories about my holidays

A Stressless & Delicious Thanksgiving, Oh, Tannenbaum, Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, The Magic of Christmas

0 music quoteFriendship – Stories of Friends and connection

Losing Friends Too Soon, Do You Have Class?

Random – Stories that just come out of nowhere

What Makes You Laugh?, Sleep, Can You Make It Happen?, Musical Memories, Baking Queen

Do you have a favorite of all the blogs I have written over the past couple years?  What are they?

I am so fortunate that I have 165 followers on this blog page, and an additional128 who follow through the Facebook blog page which links to this blog page.  I appreciate everyone who stops and takes a few minutes to read my stories.  Thank you!

I hope that I get many responses, so I know what you find interesting in my blogs, and what topics you would like to see more.  

Help my brain unlock the many stories that are still in those little grooves in my brain.  I know there are more—I just need to know what topics you like reading.  I am sure it is different for everyone, and that is great.  It will just inspire me to find those stories.

Please leave a comment below, and encourage me to find those other little stories.  Thank you again for reading my ramblings. thanks

I’m Global!

pexels-photo-1043508.jpegI am taking a break from writing blogs while we prepare our home for sale, travel to Europe, and go to Arizona to close on our new build there.  I decided I would share a few of the past blogs that I think are worth sharing again. I went to the blog site to review my postings to see what one I felt was worthy to repeat.  While doing so, I took a look at the stats on my blogs.  I pulled up stats for the period of time I have been writing my blog.  I am not nearly as popular a blogger as many of those I follow, but I am pleased with my current following, in my opinion, for still being a novice at this writing.

globalI have had a total of 6,812 views as of this minute today from the beginning of my blog.  Wow!  I am sure for many bloggers that would be a disappointment.  When writing a blog was first suggested to me, I said that no one would want to read what I had to say.  Well, I suppose 6,812 views later, I must admit that I was incorrect!  The largest groups who have read my blogs are from the United States followed by Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, China, and Spain.  I am global!  Those countries had a minimum of 10 views! 

Here is the listing of all the countries that have viewed my blogs:




Bosnia & Herzegovina







Guatemalaglobe [Converted]














New Zealand




Palestinian Territories










Trinidad & Tobago

United Kingdom

United States


That is so awesome.  I wonder if any of those folks in Europe are related to me?  

This really gives me a lot to think about.  I am reaching people all around the world.  I hope I have given them a little bit of hope, a little bit of joy, or maybe a little laughter.

Here is what I would like to ask of everyone who reads this blog.  Please scroll down to pexels-photo-954599.jpegthe comments, and state where you are when you are reading this blog.  Just state your city, state (province or what it is called where you live), and the country.  Any other response is welcome also.  Or, maybe just say hello to the rest of this planet!

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  Thank you for making me feel I am reaching people all over the world to spread just a bit of love your way.

Feel free (if you have not already) to scroll to the bottom of this blog, and click on the word “follow.”  I think it is on the lower right of the screen.  I would love to have you follow this blog regularly.  

So, I am signing off my blog.  Then I will go comment in the comment area where I am sending this from.  Feel free to follow along.