Where Have I Been?

Oh, my goodness, where have I been?  I always wonder about bloggers I follow when it has been a while since they have posted.  Recently I went to manage my blog followings, and was surprised to see how many of these bloggers have quit blogging.  Are they okay?  Did they just decide not to blog any longer?  Are they still alive?  I did research one person who was in her early 20’s from Canada and was going through cancer treatment.  Sorrowfully, she passed away two years ago.  I had to go to her blog to remember what her name was.  I then googled for her obituary, and there it was.  So sad.  If you are one of the bloggers I am following, and you have not posted recently, please let me know if you are okay.  

So, I just want you to know that I am alive and well.  We got home from our northern Arizona trip in mid August.  When we are gone that long it takes me a bit of time to get my bearings.  I literally forget what my at-home routine was, and have to work to establish a new one.

I’m still working on quilts.  I have one that I completed the binding and it is ready to be gifted to someone special.  I have another special quilt that is now being long-arm quilted.  In the meantime, I decided to give my embroidery part of my sewing machine a try.  I’ve become the queen of potholders made from my scraps from quilting.  They are so much fun to make, and not terribly expensive, although I had to purchase machine embroidery thread and a few other notions.  On the whole, it is a lot less costly as making a quilt.  Now I have these cute potholders that I can give as a gift for whatever reason.  Really fun.  I am also working on incorporating the embroidery with my quilts.   My next project is a machine embroidered Christmas tree skirt.  

My latest quilt.
A few of my embroidered potholders.

I have a lot of travel on my calendar for the next months.  Tomorrow Dennis and I leave for a trip back home.  I am celebrating my 55+1 high school reunion.  The +1 is because we postponed from last year due to Covid.  We will also be visiting family and friends before returning.

My high school diploma

We will be home two weeks after that trip, and then it will be time for our big excursion.  We will be flying to Rome, Italy on November 14.  After a week of sightseeing that fabulous city, we board a cruise ship to hit three islands in each of Spain, Portugal, and France.  From there, the ship will sail across the Atlantic Ocean to the Bahamas.  After a couple days in the Bahamas, we get back on the ship, and it will take us to our final destination of Tampa, Florida.  We will stay two days in Tampa—I have a cousin who lives nearby.  Of course, I do—I have cousins everywhere!  From Tampa, we are flying back to Missouri where we will watch my grandson perform in the musical, “The Prom,” at the University of Missouri.  Finally, we will arrive back in Arizona for me to refigure my at-home routine.

Now you know that I am alive and well.  I have a lot going on, and hopefully as 2023 approaches, I might become more regular again in sharing my stories on this blog.  

Wishing you love, peace, joy and contentment.


  1. I hope you have been able to use my sister’s material. I know she had so much, with so many plans to quilt! That would be awesome!


    1. Blake took all the fabric and her sewing machine. I wasn’t quilting until the pandemic said I had to shelter in place. I had to find something to do with my time. If you scroll down on my main blog page, you can find blogs about the quilting. The first one I made was a tee shirt quilt for Blake. Joann had all the shirts saved for the project, but unfortunately wasn’t able to make the quilt. It was actually a pre-pandemic quilt. It’s pictured in one of my quilting blogs.


      1. oh well! I guess his Megan got it. I do know there was LOTS. I’ve never tried. I do know lots of folks who have taken it on during this plague!


  2. It’s so funny to think that if we would have stayed in St. Louis, I would have attended Lindbergh HS as well – class of ’78! If you happen to drive by the school, check out if the old St. Louis AC church is still there across the street. The last I heard, someone bought it and was going to convert it into a residence. Or did I dream that?
    Safe travels! Have a great time!


    1. They are rebuilding the whole school. It’s not complete, but it will be state of the art. I am sure we’ll. be driving by. Yes, I heard the church sold and the plans was to make it a house. I’ll take a look at that also. Might even drive down Sunset Terrace if we have time!


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