What Do Your Scars Look Like?

Here’s an oldie but goodie. I am in London today, Germany next week. I am sharing some of my more impactful (to me) blogs while I am traveling. Love to you all.

Andrea Unsinkable

We all have scars. Some are small, and some of us have large scars. It can be from an accident or a surgery. Many of us have scars you cannot see. They are inside us. They are emotional scars from trauma and past experiences in our lives.

My question for you is what do you do with those scars? Do you hide them? Do you show them for sympathy? Do you beautify them? Or do you show them for what they are, and for what can be shared and learned from them?

I know of several people who have scars. Here is a short list:

1. John O’Leary – I met John a few years ago, and he is one of my heroes. When John was

3:19:16 John O’Leary

a child, he was playing with fire and gasoline (not a good combination for anyone). It caused an explosion in his family’s…

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