Sleep? Can You Make It Happen?

I really enjoyed writing this one. Sleep is such a funny thing . . . .

Andrea Unsinkable

sleepingHave you ever thought about sleep? I mean, really thought about sleep? It’s such an odd thing. We go to bed, most of us at night. We lay our heads down, and somehow magically, we become unconscious, and we are sleeping. We may sleep, 5, 7, or 9 hours, but when we wake up it’s like no time has passed. We are unaware of time moving while we are in this state of unconsciousness.

The other odd thing about sleep is when we cannot sleep. Sometimes I fall asleep and wake up about an hour later. I start thinking about falling back asleep, and then the sleep will not come. In fact, thinking about falling asleep keeps me from falling asleep. I 00 plumscan’t figure out exactly what causes me to fall asleep. As a child, I slept well. The only times I did not sleep well was the night before…

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