Oh Tannenbaum!

Since my hip surgery a month ago, I have just been a bit behind on everything in my life. I decided to share this blog I wrote last year about my Christmas tradition. It feels so different this year because I am not hosting Christmas–we are going to St. Louis to celebrate with our kids there, and then we leave for Arizona the next day. So, no decorations are out in my home for the first time ever. Kind of sad, but just a bit too much to do this year.

Andrea Unsinkable

00 foodI love decorating my Christmas tree. My tree has never been the normal commercial tree everyone seems to have. When my children were small, I hung candy on the tree. Not just candy canes, I had strung gumdrops. They are really cute on a tree, but a huge pain to string. I had lollipops hanging. There was a local candy

12/1976 If you look closely at this tree from 1976, you can see the popcorn & cranberry garland.

store in St. Louis who made perfect beautiful oval lollipops, and their colors were see-through and wrapped in clear cellophane. I taped a ribbon loop to the back of the lollipop, and hung them like an ornament. I also purchased chocolate coins, wrapped in gold foil. For those I used a small needle and threaded through the top of the foil to make the loop to hang. I made sure the foil was…

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