Still Can’t Sleep

Sleep defies me tonight.  I have tossed and turned all night.  This has not happened in a long time.  Thoughts go rushing though my head on nights like this.  I plan things.  I recall old memories.  I think about projects.  I think about trying to fall asleep, which is the worst, because it keeps me from falling asleep.  Tonight I have planned a trip.  I have planned the meals for our first houseguests arriving tomorrow.  I checked the temperature here, and also in Missouri.  That is just a partial list of what my brain has been thinking on instead of sleeping.

What usually gets me to sleep is when I get out of bed, get my computer and write (like now).  This also helped me back on March 15th of last year.  I wrote one of my most favorite blogs—about sleeping—on a night I couldn’t fall asleep.

Here it is. Sit back and enjoy.  It really is a fun blog. Click on the link below.  I’ll get back on schedule sleeping and blog posting next week.  in the meantime . . . .

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